Pacific Sport Fishing – Ocean Fishing

It’s always a good day for fishing in the Pacific Ocean! And a good day for fishing is a good day for many more than just those at the thick end of the poles!

From Alaska to Australia, Pacific sport fishing is a dynamic, exciting, bountiful industry. Just in America alone, there are 40 million anglers, according to statistics from the American Sportfishing Association. The impact of this industry puts it at about 47th place among all US corporations, with over $45 billion in retail sales. The Pacific Sport Fishing arm of this industry stretches wherever a boat can maneuver along the open waters and shorelines of this great body of water.

Countless hours of angling are satisfying the hunger of millions of sport fishermen and women. They are after the really big ones…the Marlin, averaging 150kg – 200kg in the southern waters, to the rowdy King Salmon in the northeastern waters off Alaska. Famous fighters bring excitement to every tug on the line. Yellowfin tuna, Striped, Black or Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish, Shark and Snapper. Northern waters pulsate with Salmon, Halibut, and the feisty Steelhead. In southern waters, the catch for Tuna runs from 30kg – 59kg, and the average Marlin weighs in the 150kg – 200kg range.

Just as the anglers are packing up their gear for long days in the sun, those who serve the anglers are ready for action. Charter boats, live-on experience expeditions, yachts, and a myriad of supporting retail outlets are bursting with action as their coffers fill up with the sport fishing industry’s monetary contribution of over $125 billion plus (figures for US only!). Sport fishing charters cost about $400 to $2000 per day. Fishing license fees contribute to keeping this sporting industry thriving, with fish hatcheries, restocking efforts, and water preservation and conservation. Camera and film go right along with the tackle boxes, to capture that magic moment with fish and fisherman (or two or three fishermen holding those really big ones). And, over a million people are employed in this industry in the US alone. Multiply those figures for the rest of the Pacific coast countries and you can imagine the overall importance of sport fishing to all!

Add the benefits to the tourism industry and you can see the widespread impact of Pacific Sport Fishing. Ringing all around the Pacific, west to Hawaii, and south to Costa Rica and Mexico, and South America, sport fishermen are taking on the big ones in more ways than fish.

Accommodations run from rustic to deluxe in locations from Hawaii to Nicaragua, and on boats that are no longed call boats, they are ships. Yachts to cruisers, from boats that look to be right out of the movie “The African Queen”, to ships large enough to even carry more yachts on board for special charter fishing trips, there is an accommodating place for every angler to settle down and enjoy their sport fishing experience. It’s always a good day sport fishing in the Pacific!